Report: Whitney Houston's Daughter Found Unresponsive In Bathtub

Roswell, GA police responded to a 911 call for Bobbi Kristina Brown, the daughter of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown.

On Saturday morning, CBS46 in Atlanta reported that Roswell police informed them they found Brown in a tub in her home at 10:25 a.m. She was unresponsive when police found her.

According to police, Brown's husband, Nick Gordon, and a friend found her and started CPR.

In a statement to USA Today, a spokeswoman for the Roswell, Ga., Police Department, Officer Lisa Holland, said police administered life-saving measures until she could be transported to a hospital.

"Her husband and a friend located her in a bath tub this morning and she was unresponsive. He started CPR and a police officer took over life-saving measures until an ambulance arrived. She was transported to the hospital. Please keep her and the family in your thoughts and prayers."

NEWS: Bobbi Denies Drug Photo

Brown, 21, was alive when taken to North Fulton Hospital. TMZ reported that her breathing has since been stabilized.  

Brown's mother, Houston, died of accidental drowning on Feb. 11, 2012. The effects of heart disease and cocaine use also contributed to her death. And Brown's incident comes two weeks after Lifetime aired the Angela Bassett-directed biopic, Whitney.

                                                          Update On Bobbi Brown

               Bobbie Kristina back on meds. Doctors had to put her back on meds after seizures

Certain family members have asked for thousands of dollars in payment, plus other perks like car services and hotel stays, to do press interviews, according to an insider.


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Chris Tucker settles huge tax bill; poor management blamed for IRS lien

Story highlights

  • Chris Tucker reached a resolution with the IRS on Friday, his rep says
  • The tax bill was from "poor accounting and business management," rep says
  • A report Tucker owes $14 million to the IRS was inaccurate, his rep says

Comedian Chris Tucker's multimillion dollar tax bill isn't very funny, but he's reached a deal with the IRS to settle it, his representative said Monday.

The federal tax collector placed a $2.5 million lien against Tucker in Georgia last week, but it was just a "technical requirement" before a settlement could become official, Tucker's representative said.

"Chris Tucker has not incurred any new tax years," the representative said. "The current lien filing by the IRS was the result of an audit that lasted for four years which stemmed from poor accounting and business management."

"Representatives for Mr. Tucker reached a resolution with the IRS on Friday, and his case has been settled," the representative said.



President Obama going to Selma March.

BlackOnlineTV will cover the march.

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                                             Charles Sifford dies at age (92)

Story highlights

  • Charlie Sifford joined the PGA Tour in 1961 at age 38
  • He won two Tour events, the first in 1967
  • Tiger Woods calls his death a terrible loss

(CNN)Charlie Sifford, the first African-American to play on the PGA Tour, died Tuesday at age 92, the Professional Golfers' Association of America said.

"His love of golf, despite many barriers in his path, strengthened him as he became a beacon for diversity in our game," PGA of America President Derek Sprague said in a statement. "By his courage, Dr. Sifford inspired others to follow their dreams. ... Golf was fortunate to have had this exceptional American in our midst."

Sifford was called the Jackie Robinson of golf for breaking the color barrier in 1961 when he was 38 years old.

"I wanted to prove that a black man could play golf," he told CNN affiliate WEWS after he was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom in November.

His son told the station that his father was advised by Robinson to use his smooth swing to fight the integration battle.

"Which I think is the way he went through his struggles -- smooth, quiet," Craig Sifford told the station.

    Unlike Robinson, who took the field with eight teammates, Charlie Sifford played an individual's game.

    "It didn't bother me. It wasn't going to stop me," Sifford said.

    Tiger Woods referred to Sifford as a grandfather.

    "Terrible loss for golf and me personally. My grandfather is gone, and we all lost a brave, decent and honorable man. I'll miss u Charlie," Woods tweeted.

    Jack Nicklaus said Sifford was his playing partner for the first two rounds Nicklaus played in a PGA Tour event. He called Sifford a kind and gracious gentleman.

    "Charlie led by example, handling himself with great class and dignity inside and outside the ropes," Nicklaus said on his website. "We can't underestimate the impact Charlie's career has had on the face of golf today. Charlie was a leader and an inspiration."

    Sifford won two PGA Tour events, his first victory coming in the 1967 Greater Hartford Open. He also won at the Los Angeles Open two years later.

    It was a difficult career. In his speech honoring Sifford at the White House, President Barack Obama talked about Sifford's travails.

    "Charlie was sometimes banned from clubhouse restaurants. Folks threatened him, shouted slurs from the gallery, kicked his ball into the rough," the President said. "Charlie's laughing about that -- my ball is always in the rough."

    On Wednesday the President said he was honored to award the golfer the Presidential Medal of Freedom "for altering the course of the sport and the country he loved

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